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Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
vilwilling to finance a buyout of dell. dell is considering offers to take the company private. >> this week marks 10th anniversary of a project helping change the face of san francisco. in that time one corner of the city turned into an epicenter of innovation. >> the sprawling campus is in the center of the new biotech boon town. there was a different landscape of empty warehouses a decade ago it was a wasteland. colleagues told me we're not going to go there. >> the campus started with construction of genentech hall and a philosophy of build it and they will come. the campus is now home to nobel prize winners. walking into one lab you might see researchers coaxing stem cells into living, beating heart tissue. another teamworks on building an artificial kidney. saying it's not just to make discoveries but to share them. >> we've been the home for a long time of great clinical work and great basic science. and we wanted mission bay to be more than just putting two together. >> this lab is known as the garage. director says it's open to whomever can scratch up the rent. >> if you want to sta
Jan 14, 2013 6:00pm PST
jens jones went up and dell gained 13% on reports it may go private. >> rumors flying over a news conference called for tomorrow by facebook. the speculation is that they may be ready to announce a new data center and an ipad version of facebook messenger or perhaps video ads. >> inkreeging. anyone who owns a car knows that it's expense dwroif register a vehicle. >> so when the dmv asked a woman to pay more than twice than she owed she for help with this. >> we may pai a lot of fees here in california. among them, vehicle license fee. the higher the price, the higher the fee. now in, san francisco this woman noticed dmv recorded the wrong price for the car. kailt katie collins used to pay $25 a year to register her bmw in oregon n california she knew she'd have to pay more, but 26 times snore. >> i went to register the vehicle. and i noticed the fee was high. >> katie was stunned when the department of motor vehicles charged her 654ses today register her car. that seemed high.ebl even for california. >> immediately i went on the web site to double check the number. since i'm an ac
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2